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At SCP Computers we can unlock the true potential of the Internet and get your corporate image noticed via effective web design. This can range from a single page web site to a full e-commerce web site with on-line ordering and stock control.

Your company web site can provide a relatively inexpensive means of both promoting your products and delivering an improved level of service to your customers or potential customers.

All of our web designs are built to individual customer's requirements which means the web site you get will fit in with your corporate image.

  • Customers can 'see' the product in more detail than in a printed form.
  • It is much easier and cheaper to change your 'on-line brochure' than a printed catalogue.
  • You can reduce the frequency of customers' telephone requests for assistance you receive by placing information such as 'product manuals' or 'common problems and solutions' on-line for the customer's easy access.
  • And perhaps best of all, you can accept customer orders on-line including processing their credit card details.

Not only do we offer a web design service we will also manage the web hosting and domain renewals for you often cutting the amount you pay.

If we build your web site we will also:

  • Host your web site for free for the first year.
  • Pay your domain registration fee for 1 year.
  Web Design from SCP Computers - Poole - Dorset

The Web Design Process

Understanding Your Requirements & Expectations
The first step of the web design process is understanding your requirements, what you want your web site to do, how you want your web site to look and what content you want in the design of your web site. We won't baffle you with web design jargon, we will explain to you in plain English some of the different concepts and the processes involved.

By getting together with you the customer and looking at any brochures, logos, and printed material you may have. This will give us the colour scheme for the web design and the images to use for the top or side banners. We will ask you about what your business does and the services you provide to your customers. From this we can discuss ideas for the content of the web site and agree on the number of web pages and their titles. We will also be able to provide a hosting package to meet the requirements and demands of your web site.

The Cost
We now have a good idea of what you want from your web site and how you want it to look and so are in a good position to quote you a price. Once the price has been agreed we will stick to it and if the web design takes us less time than we initially expected we will reduce the price accordingly. We do not ask for the full amount up front but we do usually request a deposit, usually 50%, with the balance being paid upon acceptance of the site by you.

The Initial Design
We are now ready to create an individual template for the design of your web site. Whilst we are creating this we will ask you to produce the wording you want on each page and to think of some key phrases to catch the attention of the search engines and so bring customers to your web site.

Once the initial web design has been completed we will provide you with a link so you can look at the initial design and ask for your feedback. At this point we will make all the tweaks until you are completely happy.

Building Your Web Site
You are now happy with web design and should have the wording and any images you want incorporated into the web design. We have access to millions of images so don't worry if you do not have any. We now create each individual page and build the links. If your web design requires the use of a database we produce all the code to access this and display the results. Each time a section of the web has been completed we will load it up to the link we gave you earlier so you can keep an eye on the progress and provide us with feedback and details of any changes you want.

Testing & Acceptance
Once the web site is fully functional and tested by us we will ask you to go through the complete site to ensure you are happy with the look and feel of your web site. It is a good idea at this point to involve colleagues, friends and family to have a look at your site and get their feedback on the web design and functionality. We now make any final changes and make the site live.

Getting Picked Up By The Search Engines
We now create a site map and add code that helps the search engines index your site and we submit it to Google, Yahoo and MSN for inclusion. Don't expect results straight away, this process can take up to 8 weeks. Will you be number 1 on the search engines for your key phrases? We don't know and cannot make any guarantees, nor can anyone else. We strongly suggest reading the Google article on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before employing the service of any SEO company (Click here). We will keep an eye on how your site is performing and will make suggestions on how we can improve things for you.